Light the Sun





A little more about Light The Sun...

Fusing elements from rock, funk and pop, Light the Sun was born April 2011 in Austin, TX. Driven to start a band, guitarist Kyle Stroman teamed up with childhood friend and past collaborative drummer Cody Overstreet. After the addition of bassist Matt Sowin, the trio began crafting their own sound, blending influences that spanned several genres. Joining forces with vocalist Chris Sabanos, another hookup credited to craigslist's history, the group recorded and released their first EP, Ignite (2013).

Ignite combined heavy modern rock riffs and psychedelic melodies and effects, on top of groovy bass and bombastic drums. From there, Light the Sun continued to refine their sound, writing more music and touring around Texas.

In 2015, Light the Sun independently recorded and released their debut album, American Dreamers. Taking more influences from funk and rock, American Dreamers is an expansion of the group’s earlier work. When you search for rhythms you can't help but tap your foot to mixed with high-energy rock, you find Light the Sun. Riding a high from the release of their first, full-length album, Light the Sun is ready to share their heart and soul with you. At their recent release show, loyal fans streamed in and left the cramped venue standing room only.

American Dreamers is a full energy rocker. The first song on the album, The Artist, draws you in easy with a catchy guitar riff, followed almost immediately with light vocals by Sabanos. This quickly grows into a full, anger-fueled chorus, “So what if I am?”. The theme of this song is something many people can relate to, “When you’ve been in a relationship that just isn’t working anymore, sometimes you realize change is necessary,” explains Stroman. The songs on American Dreamers are real relatable life experiences, filled with thoughts that many people have but don’t necessarily want to bring to light. As a whole, the album can be described a roller-coaster of emotions, recounting everything from sex-fueled relationships, alcohol and drug abuse to the paranoia of targeted corporate marketing. The album also has a softer side which is highlighted by the album's love song, Lost. Starting off with a dreamy bass line, the song progressively grows into a rocking head bobber. The album ends on an optimistic note with a beautiful acoustic duo featuring Sabanos and Stroman.

Overall, this album packs a big enough punch with enough variety to satisfy any musical appetite. So do your friends a favor and introduce them to one of Austin’s best kept secrets, Light the Sun!